New Gasoline Engine FG-50.

Endurance Test ongoing at present. Stay Tuned !! Release date to be determined.

The video provided : Mr. Ohmori from Choshi Aeromodelers

4‐stroke Engine

SAITO started production of 4‐stroke Engine for model airplanes back in 1979. FA-30s was the beginning of the history of SAITO 4-stroke engines. Since then various line-up come with single, twin, & radial cylinders have attracted many of enthusiasts all over the world, with its realistic exhaust note so called “SAITO sound”.

Steam engine, boiler & boat

Steam engine was the first step for SAITO to get into the hobby engine industry back in 1973. Most components are precisely machined & built manually by hands of experienced craftsmen. You will filled with joy of possession once you see the run after steam-up process. Also feel the scientific principal of steam power from these small engines.


Instruction Manual