Ring Muffler for FG-84R3 / FG-90R3
P/NO. : G90R3-171

・Good idling sound

Smart exhaust silhouette
・Light weight 130gAluminum (for FG-84R3 / FG-90R3)

Setting Manual ( Click Here ! )

If you will install the ring muffler to aircrafts already completed, there are cases
where modification for around firewall in the cowling may be required.
Be sure to read the setting manual carefully before installation.
Apply lubricant oil to the thread of the nuts so that all threads can be turned
smoothly before inserting the 3 nuts of the ring muffler into each cylinder.
Tighten up each nut of the ring muffler evenly and gradually by a spanner
after turning approx.3 turns of each nut by fingers.

If you forcibly insert and tighten them, the cylinders will break.

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