Steam engine Click photos


Beautiful mechanism of 3-double-acting cylinders generates smooth & torqueful revolution. Best fit the boiler B3.


Equipped with the longer stroke cylinders with the standard T2DR, it comes with a higher torque.
Best fit the boiler B3, B2


Long stroke horizontal engine. Good to install on a ship that has low gravity point such as a paddle steamer a luxury liner. Best fit the boiler B3, B2F.


The best-seller T2DR is the basic model which is very easy to handle. Best fit with the boiler B2F.


Compact but powerful, single cylinder but the double-acting long stroke cylinder. Powered by the vertical boiler BT-1L.


Designed aimed to match with a smaller sized boat. Based on BT-1L, replaced the piston/cylinder unit to the short stroke ones.


Piston valve type, 3-single-acting-cylinders.
With a conversion switch valve, the revolution can be inverted easily. Best fit boiler is BT-1
and BT-1L.


Best item to learn the principle and how to treat a steam engine.
Despite this small form, it runs with high speed. Best fit the boiler OB-1.

Boiler & Burner Click photos


The longer version of B2F. The center flue structure allows to enhance the heat efficiency much despite of its long body. Well fit to T3DR, T2DR-L, Y2DR.


The most standard boiler which fits a lot of boats easily along with T2DR, T2DR-L, Y2DR. Boiler is the center flue type which has a flue through its body. Adding water tubes along the flue, heat efficiency is much enhanced.


The expanded version of the vertical boiler BT-1. It fits the boats such like a “Launch” that was popular in Britain in 19th century.
Drives T1DR-L or S3R with enough power.


The most compact boiler amongst center flue type. Burner is strong enough to drive the single double acting engine T1DR.


The entry model to the steam world. It uses the simple roast type burner that is easy to handle. But it has the safe valve as well as the higher grade models.
Also it’s good for the education purpose.

Boat kit Click photos


Image of 1930’S European tug boat. Double propulsion and two smoking stacks give this unique silhouette.


The deluxe paddle steamer which is originally designed based on a real luxury liner. You will find its elegant outlook worthy the name of “VICTORIA” which is the goddess of victory.


for T2GR
for T3DR/T2DR-L

A definitive ocean tug boat which cruises magnificently forward over the waves.
You can choose 3-pattern of the power unit. T2GR/B2G, T2DR-L/B3, or T3DR/B3. The screw set varies depend on the power unit, so please fix which unit you will use before order.


Image of a steam launch which was popular in British stream in 19th century is well recreated.
With the vertical boiler BT-1L and steam engine T1DR-L, it cruises very smoothly.

Production and sales discontinued.


The best-seller tug boat which have many metal fittings and well built glass-fiver hull.


The steam boat kit with the engine T-1 and boiler OB-1 included. The best choice for the beginner or 2nd boat for an experienced modeler.


The simplest steam boat kit among SAITO steam boat kits. With your original cabin or fittings, it will be an only one unique boat in the world.